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We are open to the public Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am - 3pm

2024 Major Event Dates

Season: May 2 - Nov. 2 (closed Aug. 18 - 31)

May 4 - Spring Festival

July 6 - Summer Festival

September 28 - Fall Festival

December 6, 7, 13, 14 - Christmas Village

The entire place is lovely, clean, well kept! The artisans were just the nicest people, we spent time talking to, and learning, from each one. The museum collections are amazing! I was shocked at all the great items and the extensive amount you’ve collected. And the trains are so cool! What you have on display puts a lot of other big name museums to shame, and we’ve been to plenty!

Even the other attendees were well mannered and courteous! It was full of people, but not at all overly crowded.

Nothing was overpriced, not even the food. And the food was great! We had a pepperoni roll and a BBQ. The pepperoni roll was right on point for WV! Both delicious!

I truly hope someone reads this, I wasn’t sure who to tell how much we enjoyed the whole evening and that we just fell in love with Heritage Farm!

Thank you for what you and your team do!

Amy M.

"Amazing place, with amazing staff! A great place to learn about so much! It’s great for ALL ages, family/kid friendly, but still wonderful for adults. It’s an incredible experience in every visit. The owners and staff are patient, kind, helpful and make the whole experience something you won’t forget. One of a kind people!! A ton of stuff to do and see. We learn something new, every visit. I highly recommend this place and I’m thankful for a safe fun place our family can enjoy over and over again. Good to know, there’s still such good people in this world!"

Melissa Stephens Evans

We visited today and can say first hand that you have the friendliest employees, most helpful and knowledgeable volunteers, cleanest restrooms and grounds, most reasonably priced concession stand, greatest activities for kids and adults…I could go on and on! Thank you so much! We all had a wonderful time!

Sarah Mester Smith

Read more about the origin of Heritage Farm on the Our Story page.

Our mission is to be a source of hope and renewal to the people of Appalachia by sharing their proud, rugged past with the world in ways that inspire an emboldened, vibrant future. Come join us as we celebrate Appalachian ingenuity and adventure!

Christmas Village 2023

Oct 11, 2023
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