Huntington Time Capsule

Check out our submission to the City of Huntington 150th Anniversary time capsule to be closed next week on October 22nd! What do you think Heritage Farm might be like 100 years in the future?

Dear Huntington residents of 2121,

Hello from Heritage Farm , located at 3300 Harvey Road Huntington, WV! We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary as a museum this year, along with our city's 150th (2021).

The mission of the Heritage Farm Foundation is to be a source of hope and renewal to the people of Appalachia. We believe the culture of Appalachia - its ingenuity, its hardiness, and its warmth - is worthy of celebration. We also believe future generations are especially in need of this message. We strive to make Heritage Farm a place where hope is given and fostered through our programming, designed to provide positive stimulation and growth in a safe and friendly environment for all. We hope that Heritage Farm has continued to provide this to future generations, like you!

In 1973, co-founders Mike and Henriella Perry decided to relocate from the city of Huntington, West Virginia to a farmhouse on the outskirts of town. It was here they discovered the seed that would birth a dream in the old, hand-hewn logs hidden behind the farmhouse walls. Efforts to understand the tools and techniques involved in building a log cabin, coupled with their hobby of antiquing, led to the genesis of what would become Heritage Farm Museum & Village.

Today, the Farm's collection includes more than 25,000 square feet of Appalachian artifacts in many different museums. Artisans and re-enactors bring Appalachian history to life, our Critter Corner connects visitors with the livestock that accompanied our ancestors, the Nature Center and Tree Trek gets guests up close with the native wildlife, and family-style challenge courses and ziplines allow visitors to explore the mountains in a whole new way. With over 500 acres, 5 miles of hiking trails, numerous artisan workshops, and new attractions on the horizon, Heritage Farms is proudly positioned to serve Appalachia for many years to come.

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