Overcoming Adversity

Heritage Farm received heavy damage after the late February snow and ice storms that hit the area. It was estimated that over 200 trees were lost and we were without power for over a week.

“It was shocking – I have never seen so much destruction,” says Audy Perry, the Executive Director of Heritage Farm.

But when the storm was over, Heritage Farm went to work rebuilding and utilizing the downed trees for something positive.

“We had lots of damage in the forest – many trees are down – so we thought we should be an example. Let’s see us turn this destruction into something good,” says Perry. “We’re creating the mulch to be the new ground cover underneath our two new adventure products."

Heritage Farm will be showcasing several new adventure products when we open in May. In the heart of the village will be a family friendly aerial challenge course, Treerock Challenge. The highlight of 2021 will be the addition of Talithakoum. Built on the mountain overlooking the village, this amazing aerial challenge course will be over four stories tall.

We owe a big “Thank You” to CJ HUGHES Construction Company for allowing us to use the chipper/mulch machine!

The story was recently featured on WOWK. Watch Here.

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