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The Wing 2 Wing Foundation focuses on unleashing human potential in West Virginia through advancing education, entrepreneurship and the environment. The foundation works to open opportunities throughout Appalachia and influence similar communities around the world.

Wing 2 Wing founders Brad and Alys Smith attribute their success to the values, work ethic and education they gained from growing up in West Virginia and Ohio, respectively. Although their careers and life experiences took them outside of their home states, they never forgot their Appalachian roots. Brad D. Smith has often spoken on his mission to support Appalachia and the importance of uplifting his home state.

During an interview regarding the addition of a small business incubator at Marshall, Brad stated, “My passion for West Virginia and the potential I see in its people has only grown over the years.” True to this proclamation, Brad and Alys have committed to assisting local businesses, such as Heritage Farm, over the years and supporting the dreams of West Virginian entrepreneurs.

Growing the Appalachian Spirit at Heritage Farm

Wing 2 Wing is a proud supporter of Heritage Farm and its displays of Appalachian Ingenuity and Adventure. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Heritage Farm, Wing 2 Wing bestowed the necessary resources to construct the Mountain Rim Bike Park. The bike park is family-friendly to allow for visitors of all ages to experience the Appalachian Mountains. Each of the paths takes riders on a terrain-induced roller coaster style cruise.

Visit Wing 2 Wing Foundation website for more information on how they’re supporting Appalachia.

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