Artisan Center

The Artisan Center is home to the Heritage Farm Artisan Guild, a group of skilled tradespeople committed to the preservation and growth of traditional Appalachian arts and crafts.

Artisan Guild Members:Cyndi Bolt, Charlie Bradley, Fred Friar, Drake Grizzell, Austin Jones, Jiles Mabe, Heather McComas, Bill Meadows, Jim Robinson, Sr., Alane Thomas, Jerill Vance.

Blacksmith Shop

Follow the smell of burning coal and say hello to our resident Blacksmith at the Blacksmith Shop! The most important spot in early settlements due to the reliance on steel for many different survival tools, Heritage Farm's Blacksmith Shop is an engaging and truly memorable experience!

Log Church

Our iconic Log Church, moved to Heritage Farm from its original spot in Lincoln County, WV, stands imposing in the middle of the village to remind us of the centrality of faith in early Appalachian life. Its striking beauty compliments a variety of events and services throughout the year.

Maker Space

Get ready to create in MakerSpace! We invite guests of all ages and skill levels into a safe, structured environment where you can engage in creative, self-guided making. Our hope is that you learn how to connect early settlers’ survival ingenuity and unique Appalachian problem-solving skills with today’s activities and technology. We offer various activities and maker stations, so be sure to stop by each time you visit.

Also featured in Makerspace are the "Generations" murals, which chronicle pop culture events from 1940 to 2009, with each decade given its own piece. The murals begin with moments including Pearl Harbor, Elvis, and Jackie Robinson, and conclude with images of Pat Tillman, Taylor Swift, and Michael Phelps. Where else can you see "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with "The Matrix," George Reeve's Superman with Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, and Marshall University sports legends Hal Greer and Frank "Gunner" Gatski with Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, and Byron Leftwich? View the amazing artwork that sparks not only creative ideas for makers, but also stories and memories that can be shared with those around you.

Heritage Farm was declared an Ambassador of the Maker Movement by the White House in conjunction with the 2016 National Week of Making. We are excited to see what you create! Learn more.

Six Simple Machines

Constructed in 2016, Heritage Farm has transformed the six simple machines considered the foundation of mechanics into a functional, playground learning environment! The Six Simple Machines Discovery Zone also demonstrates many different types of renewable energy by combining solar and wind to power a groundwater pump into an Appalachian Archimedean Screw.

The Discovery Zone Playground is open Saturdays May-December, Kids Days (Wednesdays June-September), and weekdays during the summer. Visit our Yearly Calendar or call our office for more information.

Conway Homestead

Start at a natural cave dwelling and see if you could survive with only what you carried into these hills. Could you forge a dwelling like the fur trader Trapper’s Shanty and ultimately build a Pioneer Homestead Cabin from the land to establish your family roots for generations to come?

Actual set location for America's Greatest Feud: Hatfield McCoys History Channel documentary

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